Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church is a parish of flawed people striving to become saints through the intercession of the saints, and by the grace of God.  We are made up of people from different races and nationalities.  We are rich and poor.  We are a microcosm of the universal Catholic Church, with all its rich diversity.  As Catholics, we are part of the largest body of religious people in the world, and we strive to worship Our Lord in that unity.  Our liturgical life unites us to Our Lord, Christ Jesus, and every day we offer up prayers for ourselves, but also for our neighbors and even those who oppose us.  This parish is at home here in Jasper, where we are sources of Christian charity to our neighbors in Pickens County.  It is here where we break open the Word of God daily, and praise our Creator — the Blessed Trinity.  As Catholics, we live by the tenets of the ancient Creeds of our unbroken and orthodox faith that takes us all the way back to the Apostles.  Moreover, as Catholics, we find friendship here at OLM.doors-768x1024

Most if not all that is noble and beautiful from our society is touched by the grace of God, and inspired by the faith we have received in Christ.  A recently emerged secular society radically attempts to replace religion with hollow promises and changing ideals, but the permanence of unchanging values that we have received from the Lord and learned from his disciples, the Apostles, and which are, for the most part, recorded for us in the Scriptures that we read daily — this way of life provides a way of holiness that brings with it inner peace and the reward of eternity.  Fleeting happiness simply isn’t real happiness, and the virtues of our Faith provide us the means to get through the fickle passing fancies of this fading world to that which brings true and lasting happiness, who is Christ Jesus Our Lord.  While not every Catholic is always moral all the time, the way of life we have learned from our ancestors is the path to sanctity and a beautiful life.  The Catholic Church offers the fullness of this blessed life with all the challenges of a truly moral life.

Come and be a part of our parish family.  Please stop by the Greeter’s Desk and introduce yourselves. Catholics are invited to join their Faith family here at OLM, and non-Catholics are invited to visit and pray with us, for maybe the Lord is calling you into the fold of the Church.  But remember, what Our Lord taught us is that the Church is not a place that serves us, but a place that teaches us to serve others.  We cannot simply stand back and critique, we have to roll our sleeves up if our parish is to continue to be a truly great parish so as to reflect what we are called to be as Catholics.  The life of a Christian is an exhilarating life — it is the life of a thinker, but it is also the life of a doer.  And let us be clear — Catholicism is the future, and our parish is filled with youth.  It is here where we offer fitting praise to Our Lord through our worship, our charity, and by the way we live and pray.  Come join us.