image007-250x250Years ago when our parish was still but a mission, we acquired a number of pieces of altarware (that is to say the ciboria and chalices).  They were of various stages of quality, and they did not match.  Our parish has now acquired a new set of altarware that matches, and that is beautiful.  It is a classic and noble design that comes from Spain and looks as though it might have been made 500 years ago.

The O’Connor family has contributed towards the purchase of this set, and for them we are extremely grateful.  We are also grateful to the team of parishioners who helped us pick out this beautiful set that is truly noble and that should last us for generations.

We blessed the new altarware on Wednesday, July 15th, and will begin to use it this weekend of July 19th.  The more precious or historic of our older pieces of altarware will be retired for occasional use, and some of the other pieces may be given to a mission.  Let us, together, work hard to keep this beautiful set of altarware in the finest of condition so that it is truly suitable for the holy rites of our Church, and for our Lord, Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory and honor and praise, forever and ever.  Amen.