In years past OLM was perceived to be primarily a parish of retirees, but in recent years more and more families with young children have been making their home here. This is wonderful, and we are very blessed to have such growth. The past dozen years or so have seen near constant projects of expansion of our buildings, our classrooms and our facilities to accommodate this growth. These are changes that we have made even in the midst of the difficult economic times, and they demonstrate just how much our parish is committed to providing for our youth. As far as we’re concerned, the more families and the more children in our pews the better, because with young families comes added vitality to our parish community. The youth are our future, and judging by our youth here at OLM, we have a bright and vibrant future indeed. Now, we just have to try to keep up with them as they grow and grow!

Parishioners will tell you that Our Lady of the Mountains parish really invests in our youth program. While we are a small parish, we may have what is probably the best youth facility in the archdiocese, and there is an excellent core team of volunteers who are dedicated to our teens. We also have what is probably one of the most comprehensive parish programs for the religious education of our youth from kindergarten to high school. Besides our great Catholic Faith Formation program, we have IMPACT for the middle school teens, and LIVING IN THE LIGHT for our high school teens. Our educational resources are by no means ambiguous in their Catholicity, as they come from trusted publishers like Ignatius Press and Our Sunday Visitor.  We routinely make youth pilgrimages, and we invite in Totus Tuus and NET. If you’re a committed Catholic family with young children and you really want help in raising up well catechized Catholic youth, then you can trust OLM. Come, volunteer, and help make our parish and even better place to pass along the Faith of the Apostles.