cfng_logoThis was established in 2012, and it is excellent endowment for our parish that will be a source of blessings for generations to come. Any significant gift or memorial given to the parish can be given to the Legacy Endowment and as such it will not be assessed by the archdiocese. Memorial gifts made here will build and grow to become a constant source of income and benefit to our great parish for years to come.

The Legacy Endowment of OLM also makes a great place our parishioners to leave something from their own wills or estates. Occasionally throughout the year, our parish will, in perpetuity, offer Masses for those benefactors who have helped to build up this endowment, so not only is it a place where one’s memory may be preserved, and where one’s good works can go on beyond the grave, but our parish is also committed to remember one in our ongoing prayers.