Dear Couple:

Throughout the centuries the Catholic Church has compiled, preserved and proclaimed the words of not only the Old Testament, which we inherited from the Hebrew forefathers of our Lord Jesus Christ, but also the letters written by the Apostles to the nascent Church, as well as four “Gospels” that record for us the life and words of our founder. As Catholics, the Sacred Scripture are very important in our lives, and every Catholic should ideally be conversant in Scripture, just as every new Catholic Home should invest in a Catholic Family Bible, so that the next generation of Catholics will also appreciate this rich heritage to which they are privileged.

It is important, therefore, in your preparation for Marriage, that you review (and pray through) the passages from Holy Writ that relate to Christian Marriage. In so doing you will not only strengthen your bond through prayer, as Catholics should always read Scripture in an attitude of prayer, but you will also strengthen your understanding of Matrimony. In our world, where so few understand what Marriage really is in the eyes of Christ, it becomes even more important to study together the Scriptures on this important subject.

But we also want you to read to prepare for the ceremony of your wedding. In the office we have books called Together for Life that pulls together into one resource those passages from Sacred Scripture that are appropriate for Christian Marriage (from which you will choose the readings for your own wedding ceremony). I invite you, then, to read together all of these and to discuss them, and to choose, as a couple, those passages that best represent your love. I would ask you not to do this quickly, but to take this book (and this exercise) very seriously, so that it might be a source of spiritual renewal in your relationship.

In faith,







NB: Don’t forget the Marriage License. (We can’t marry you without it!)