collarThe Pastoral Council of Our Lady of the Parish is a gathering of servant leaders within the parish who together help our parish better implement our pastor’s vision for our future. Our Council is happy to offer advice or enter into reflective and constructive debate when asked, and we strive to support not only our pastor, but also each other, as one of the goals of our Council is to provide an opportunity for representatives from the various organizations and ministries to see the big picture of what is going on, what is planned, and where we all need to work together for the common good. The notes of our meetings are posted in the narthex in an attempt to keep those interested apprised of our deliberations. If you want to know more, please click on the linked attachment below to review our bylaws. Also listed below are members of our Pastoral Council.

2020 Pastoral Council

Marjorie Musgrave – Chairman
Maria Carillo – Co Chairman


Jeff Tucker
Scott Curran
Maria Doll
Debbie Sepich
Chuck Sepich
Cathy Tucker
Celi Valdovinos
David Beals