worshipThe most important thing we do as a parish is to offer fitting worship to God through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offering him our praise in and through the eternal high priest, who is Christ Jesus our Lord. Our Lady of the Mountains is a parish where we strive to be attentive to our worship so that we more and more closely resemble the timeless and eternal ideals of our faith. While ours is a small parish, some folks drive a long way to worship here because of the detail and efforts we put into the liturgies. Our altar servers are well trained, our choirs sing polyphony, we use incense and we chant in Latin seasonally, all in our effort to authentically express the directives clearly stated in the Church’s liturgical documents. Moreover, our little country church also strives to express in art our Catholic ideals, with statues and icons. You won’t imagine you’ve wandered into anything but a Catholic parish if you visit OLM, and we’re proud of that.