Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee at OLM is comprised of those coordinators who take on the responsibility of training IMG_3830-150x150and organizing the scores of volunteers in the various ministries that contribute to our liturgical life here at the parish. The Liturgy Committee members are committed to periodically studying together various liturgical directives and documents from the Vatican or from the U.S. Bishops so that we can be responsive to our universal mission as Catholics. We endeavor to work together for the greater glory of God, and also to demonstrate a spirit of cooperation with our pastor so that our parochial experience of our faith and expression of our worship will not just be “parochial,” but will be truly Catholic. Bridget Scott, our Director of Liturgical Music, is also the presiding Chairwoman of the Liturgy Committee.  Her contact information is 770-380-1523,

Greeters Ministry
Greeters are the introduction to our Church community and present the smile of our Parish – ours is a ministry that is truly a joy in which to participate. It is our mission to welcome all parishioners entering the church and make them feel at home. The Greeter’s Desk is the tall desk located on the left in the Narthex as you enter from outside, where we register new parishioners and assign offertory envelopes. In addition, we help parishioners who wish to have Mass intentions offered or have Sanctuary Candles lit for friends or family. If you are interested in becoming a Greeter, please leave your name and telephone number with the Greeter on duty and the lead Greeter for your mass time will be happy to arrange for a training session. This is one of the best ways to meet your fellow parishioners. COME JOIN US!

Usher Ministry
This ministry, truth be told, goes back to ancient times when guarding the doors of the church meant keeping Christians safe in times of persecution. We ushers arrive at church early to welcome, greet, and seat our friends, family, and neighbors. We help pass the collection basket while securing the offering in the safe. We guide and assist our parishioners to receive Holy Communion in an orderly and spiritual fashion. We distribute the bulletin as our people leave the church, and make sure the church is left tidy for the next Mass. If you are a registered member of the parish, and if you are someone who is personable, reliable, spiritual, kind, organized, responsible, honest, and can think on your feet, we want you! To learn more about this important ministry, please contact Mike O’Hare 770-345-0188.

Lectors Ministry
The Lectors (or Readers) Ministry goes back to the earliest days of the Church’s history. A Lector is not just a public reader of the Bible but one who lends his or her human voice to God so that His Words can be spoken to us at Mass. Lectors should spend time in prayerful preparation before Mass and proclaim the readings in a clear, controlled voice. They should be at ease speaking to a large gathering and sensitive to the changes that can occur at Mass with the presence of a deacon or special circumstances. They must also participate in a brief training session before being assigned to read. Church law holds this to be an important position in the Liturgy, so Lectors must be practicing Catholics in good standing. If you are a registered member of the parish and if you think you might be interested in learning more about this important ministry, please contact Kelly Flatt 678-613-0246.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 
As part of the Liturgy of the Mass, our mission is to serve our community by assisting the celebrant and deacon in sharing the Body and Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, at Saturday evening and Sunday celebrations, Holy Days of Obligation, and other special celebrations of the Eucharist. An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion should take seriously our Catholic life, and be good examples of Catholic lay people. If we’re married, we must be married in the Church. We should come to weekly Mass and go to regular confession, and we should want to spend some time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament when given the opportunity. If you are a registered member of the parish, and if you think you might be interested in learning more about this important ministry, please contact  Jerry Stoecklein 404-317-6463.