In Baptism we are claimed by Christ and are reborn into the Church. In that sacrament we also receive the gift of a
sphragis (sfrag-ece’), or an indelible mark of faith given to “those who have trusted in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – St. Basil, 4th Century.  In the Sacrament of Confirmation (conferred upon those in the 10th grade and above), students receive, and are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, and are further strengthened and inspired to live a life of faith with even greater zeal.

Part of confirmation preparation is learning about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they enable one to live a life of personal holiness in an unholy world.  Students are led toward a more intimate union with Christ and are encouraged to take seriously this step in their faith life by receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation in preparation for their confirmation.  Our hope is that students will come to understand that confirmation is not an end, but a beginning.  Parents can help their teen in this understanding by sharing the experience of their own
confirmation, and how it continues to embolden their personal witness for Christ.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires two years of foundational catechesis and participation in a separate, confirmation seminar.
Parish requirements include:

  1. Two years of attendance and participation in Parish School of Religion (PSR) Confirmation classes in accordance with PSR policies.
  2. Attendance and participation in Confirmation Retreat sessions.
  3. Participation in service projects (organized by the PSR) to benefit the Church and/or the Community.
  4. Submitting a “Petition to the Pastor or Bishop”. This is a letter which details the reasoning behind selecting their Patron Saint and Sponsor, as well as explaining why they seek Confirmation. Candidates are provided with a format to follow in preparing the letter.
  5. Completing a Confirmation interview with the Pastor.

Confirmation is celebrated at OLM each year in the spring. All documents and the actions required are explained in the downloadable Confirmation Packet linked below.