Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church nearly two thousand years ago, though we emerged from the even more ancient faith of His ancestors.  All time is measured by His life.  His coming was foretold.  His life, death, and resurrection changed the world.  Billions have followed His inspired teachings, and thousands upon thousands have died for love of Him. Our Lord radically challenges every lie you have ever heard.  He answers the deepest questions of the deepest thinkers in our human history.  He is powerful, but He comes in peace.  He is demanding, but He offers us understanding and gentleness.  He stands apart, undiminished by the centuries, and yet we can encounter Him every Sunday in the teachings and the sacraments of His Church.  Nothing you will ever learn, apart from Him, will satisfy your most fundamental hopes. Don’t be afraid to encounter Our Lord in the Church He founded for love of our humanity — for love of you.  For a life that is full and blessed, come and meet the Lord at our parish of Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, and be a part of something so much greater than any of us can ever imagine.

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