image0011-225x300In the Latin Rite of the Church, of all the instruments in the world, the organ is to be accorded pride of place. So we were so blessed in 2013 when our parish was given, by an anonymous family, a new Chapel Series CF-15-DK Allen Organ. It has 32 pedals in its Pedal Division. There are 61 keys in its Swell Division (the upper keyboard), as well as the same number of keys in its Great Division (the lower keyboard). There are also ten General Pistons (six of which are duplicated by toe studs) and six Divisional Pistons for each division. The pistons allow our organist to instantly change the sound of the organ without having to manually pull the stops. Pistons are set before the Mass and saved into memory.  The organ has 8 levels of memory that effectively expand the general and divisional pistons by a factor of eight.  The organ has 33 voices augmented by a MIDI system (or Musical Instrument Digital Interface) includes 36 additional voices (or sounds) from flutes to bells to trumpets to even a digitalized harpsichord. We understand that the original pipe organ that was used to digitalize most of our virtual pipes is one of the largest organs in the world (built in Boston by Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company).  The sound of or our organ is emitted from four large speakers placed in the wooden chambers behind the altar and pointed up into the rafters of the church.